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Sean Andrew is the owner Big Chill LLC, a health and wellness company specializing in performance and recovery.  Everyone embarks on his or her own specific life journey and the following is a glimpse into my story.

As a proud lifelong resident of Haddon Township, NJ there was never any doubt that I would set my roots here along with my wife and two sons.  My youth and high school years were spent participating in many organized sports that include, swimming, wrestling, baseball, and football.  Upon graduation I pursued my higher education at Albright College and continued to play linebacker on the football team. I was a History major, received my BA and became a Social Studies teacher.  Over the course of the next several years, I continued to teach as well as coach high school football.  The birth of my second child prompted a career change and I became a Union 420 Steamfitter.

Throughout my life, I had always fueled my body with steak, potatoes, and chicken fingers… you know your typical jock diet. Fast forward a few years, I am 30 years old with no real energy and lack of motivation.  I realized I needed to change courses in order to regain my ideal mental and physical state. Incorporating a new and healthy lifestyle was one of the biggest driving forces in leading me to reevaluate my life.  The other driving force of course is my two sons and wife.  My family is the reason I decided to go all in with Big Chill LLC.  I want my sons to understand that having a passion and a larger goal doesn’t have to be a dream, with hard work anything can become a reality.  The best way to demonstrate that is by modeling that behavior myself.  I would also be remised not to mention my wife who is flat out a BAD B.  She is working in a field she is passionate about and inspires me to do the same.  Without her support this little passion project ceases to exist.  Now in my mid-30’s most people would not look to restart their professional career and just accept what life has given them, I am not most people.  It is never too late to do what you love.

                Not wanting to simply give into the natural aging process, I began reading everything associated with nutrition, diet, and longevity.  Physically I was tired of nagging aches and pains and through Kyle Kingsbury’s podcast I stumbled upon Foundation Training.  Foundation Training was created by Dr. Eric Goodman, the exercises take you from pain to performance and I can attest to that.  While getting myself right physically I started to focus on working on myself from within, which led to a meditation practice and breathwork.  I became fascinated by breathwork and read Patrick McKeon’s book The Oxygen Advantage, which led me to become a certified instructor in his teachings and a meditation practitioner in general.  Bruce Lee says, “Knowing is not enough you must do.”  Taking that quote a little further I believe it is not enough to do, you must also teach.  

The directive of Big Chill LLC is to help people reach their peak performance and accomplish their goals in any and every facet of their lives.  I’ve adopted a Latin phrase to sum up my wellness philosophy. The translation of this phrase is the combination of heart, body, and being mentally strong: Simply put it is Animus Corpus Invicta.

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