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No Funny Title Just Take Vitamin D

Flat out the easiest, cheapest, and safest supplement to take to optimize your health and specifically your immune system is Vitamin D. You don't even have to take it the whole year, half a year tops probably 3 months if you live in the Philadelphia area (the higher the latitude the more you will need). Why do you ask? Because your body makes it from that beautiful star in the sky, the sun. So in the spring, summer, and most of fall you get plenty of sun. The UV radiation from the sun stimulates the skin to make Vitamin D precursors, science, blah, blah, blah. I walk around the neighborhood in a speedo because genetically I do not make as much Vitamin D as the average Joe (1. I look incredible in a speedo, 2. Gives neighbors something to talk about). There is a reason seasonal depression is a legit thing and its Vitamin D. Let's get down to business about what Vitamin D can do for you-

1. Regulates and modulates about 2,500 genes

2. Delays brain degeneration and cognitive decline

3. Optimizes immune system through cytokines

4. Anti-inflammatory, may help delay telomere shortening ( longevity nerd stuff)

5. Absorption and mobilization of calcium throughout the body (obviously very important as we age, so get your parents to start supplementing)

6. Helps firm up your gut lining

7. Encourages serotonin production and release, helps with anxiety and depression

8. Lowers chances for most cancers and heart disease

The problem is up to 75% of American's are Vitamin D deficient. You can increase Vitamin D amounts through your daily diet by eating fish, dairy, meat and mushrooms but I feel it's hard to get the optimum amount just through your diet. That is where supplementing comes in and I'd say more is better. The top end IU daily intake is 2,000. I personally take well over that, too much Vitamin D can mess with your kidneys and puts too much calcium in your blood. Doing my research a lot of doctors feel 2,000 IU's is an extremely low # (Dr. Mercola prescribes up 8,000 IU's). Too make sure toxicity doesn't happen you want to take Vitamin K with your D (basically K helps calcium absorption making it extremely hard to overdose on Vit D). To play it safe take the top end limit of 2,000 IU's to start and go from there (signs of toxicity are nausea, vomiting, and frequent urination). Vitamin D is not a snake oil type supplement, you basically get it everywhere and its good. I use Thorne Vitamin D infused with Vitamin K but that’s just a personal choice. Crush Vitamin D in those dark months, I have found it has really helped with my mood and general overall health. I like to break things down to its simplest form and when it comes to supplementing things can get crazy, start simple start basic, get your Vitamin D right and you will be well on your way I promise.

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