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You Owe You

"You can't pour water out of an empty cup", stated superstar Barre 3 Instructor Jess Bingham while sitting at my dining room table. We were discussing the importance of mental health and taking time for YOU. YOU OWE YOU and not in the Eric Thomas youtube video from Australia sense but a you owe it to yourself and your family to take time for you. Jess's quote is simple but like all good quotes very deep. If all you do is worry about EVERYONE else's wants and needs and put yours on the back burner you will eventually run bone dry. Once you are on empty you are no good to anyone, your job, friends, family, and most importantly yourself. You like to think by being Wonder Woman or Superman you are giving your loved ones what they need and then some but in reality by not taking care of yourself you are giving them a run down exhausted version of yourself. The problem is it is hard to break the cycle because of mom guilt and the empty glass syndrome being your autopilot. Taking a half hour for yourself, whatever it is i.e. walk outside, yoga, read a book, cooking with no distractions, working out, anything that you enjoy doing that re-energizes you. That half hour can make all the difference in the world. There can't be any guilt about it, it's for YOU so you can be the best parent, friend, worker, etc. you can be. Heck, my wife had extra PTO (paid time off for you non office junkies) and took a week to do a BOSS B reboot. She did everything that she wanted to do to re-energize herself (massage, yoga, runs, facial, the whole 9) it was incredible for her mental health and motivation. I know not everyone can do that but even if you have 1 day of PTO that you can spend on YOU do it, you won't regret it. Get your own house in order then you can take care of everyone else's but be selfish when it's YOU time because it's the most important part of your day and will keep you firing on all cylinders day after day. YOU OWE YOU.

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